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Monday, July 20, 2009

State Bar Cracking Down on Loan Modification scam

News Releases from California state bar on loan modification scams
The State Bar will continue to take every step to see to it that any attorney who engages loan modification fraud will no longer be permitted to practice law, and will cooperate with prosecutors in their pursuit of such criminal conduct.

Please note the state bar went after a lawyer who formed a partnership with a non lawyer.

If you are working with an "attorney backed" loan modification firm you are probably working with a lawyer conducting business in an unethical manner or an outright scam. 

If you wish to work with an attorney make sure you hire a law firm. Speak with the attorney and ask if he is representing you.  If he says, make sure his retainer says so.  Don't hire a loan modification firm with attorneys on staff.  That is almost definitely a "bullshit" operation. 


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