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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wage Deflation in Our Midst | The Big Picture

If there is wage deflation then it will be interesting to if san diego real estate prices can stablize and recover for current levels.

As wages decrease the pool of qualified buyers is likely to shrink.

Wage Deflation in Our Midst | The Big Picture: "A survey conducted by YouGov for the Economist magazine found that 5% of respondents had taken a furlough this year and 15% had accepted a pay cut (see The Recession and Pay: The Quiet Americans on page 33 of this week’s edition).

As wages deflate, workers are looking for ways to supplement their shrinking income base, for example, by moonlighting. Indeed, a poll undertaken by and cited in the USA Today found that one in every ten Americans took on an extra job over the last year; another one in five said they intend to do so in the coming year. These numbers are double for the 45 to 54 year olds who now see early retirement, once around the corner, as an elusive concept."

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