Short Sale, Foreclosure and Strategic Default


Sunday, November 18, 2007

san diego short sales - deed in lieu of foreclosure

With San Diego real estate sales slowing to lowest levels since in decades, how can a short sale property in San Diego be sold? What if the listed price is already much lower than the competitions? How will your Realtor ever get the short sale approved by a lender?

For now you may not have to sell it. An alternative to foreclosure is a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

And in the last two weeks the lenders have been contacting me and asking if my clients are still interested in offering a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

If you have received a Notice of Default, so not just hope that you may get an offer. Some properties are just not going to sell at a price a lender will accept. Speak to a real estate attorney licensed in California.

Interestingly for many upside down homeowners, a deed in lieu of foreclosure may be a far superior option to a short sale.

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The north san diego county association of Realtors reported very slow sales. Median prices dropped over 5% in both September and October. This lack of sale is also being felt by owners with upside down properties.

Prices are high and very few people with the cash or high enough salaries to qualify for the requisite loans are buying. The lack of qualified

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