Short Sale, Foreclosure and Strategic Default


Monday, August 6, 2007 > News > Metro -- Foreclosure agents bask in bad times

" > News > Metro -- Foreclosure agents bask in bad times: "Today, of the nearly 24,000 listings of resale houses, condominiums and mobile homes, roughly one-fifth were identified by Sandicor, a local multiple listing service, as distressed properties either in foreclosure or approaching the stage where owners could lose their homes.

Agents who specialize in the properties, known as real-estate-owned homes, or REOs, say they're having a field day. While it may be a bit morbid there is a certain side of the real estate industry which does well in bad times."

If one fifth of the properties are distressed one would have to wonder what is keeping the prices up. Over the weekend I noticed some home in Carlsbad which were REO listings. And these listings were priced significantly below the market. Homes were for sale for 700 thousand or less which buildes were attempting to sell for over 800,000 in January.

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